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13-jul-2008 19:56   Adding a larger antenna to a WGR614 Wifi Router  
17-may-2008 14:08   The Debian OpenSSL Predictable Random Number Generator Vulnerability  
24-mar-2008 21:49   One month later...  
24-feb-2008 21:31   Advances with the Power Glitch Monitor  
17-feb-2008 22:48   Lunar Eclipse this Wednesday  
10-feb-2008 20:11   Starting Assembly of the Power Glitch Monitor  
02-feb-2008 19:08   Calculations for the Power Minder  
27-jan-2008 15:11   First Real Experiments with the TS7300  
22-jan-2008 23:04   MCU and Pin Assignments for the Power Minder  
19-jan-2008 09:42   High Availability and the TS7300 Single-Board Computer  
14-jan-2008 21:36   Isolated Serial Level Converter  
10-jan-2008 21:00   Ideas for a Power Minder Device  
05-jan-2008 14:48   Not-So-Well-Known Port Numbers  
02-jan-2008 21:40   New Toy in the Junkbok: a LED Matrix Display  
21-apr-2007 16:33   The Bread Maker Machine  
17-mar-2007 15:38   An Inconvenient But Present Truth  
15-mar-2007 08:30   Evandro's Thesis Clone in English  
11-mar-2007 22:03   Bouncing Velox and Connectivity Problems  
08-mar-2007 23:00   DJB's Legacy Bearing Fruit  
03-mar-2007 23:30   Eclipsed Eclipse and other Astronomical Frustrations  
28-fev-2007 12:37   On the usefulness of S.M.A.R.T.  
16-mar-2006 14:26   Moved!... and back online  
13-nov-2005 23:08   Coming Back from SSI'2005  
03-aug-2005 13:48   i-mate PDA2K Review  


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