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Electronics and Embedded Systems

My own projects

T12RNG is a cheap, simple and compact hardware random number generator (HRNG) that plugs into the ordinary PC serial port. It uses Atmel's ATtiny12 microcontroller to sample a whitenoise generator based on semiconductor avalanche noise.
KTimer is a simple ATtiny2313-based battery-powered timer/counter which beeps after a specified period much like microwave oven ones. It can control an external device and can also operate as a chronometer or hand counter.
ScrollingMessage is a viscerally simple proof-of-concept project of a scrolling message display circuit with a single ATtiny2313 controlling four 5x7 LED matrix displays
BCDClock is geekish clock using a single 8-pin AVR microcontroller that tells the time with LEDs in binary for each decimal digit, much like the famous ones from ThinkGeek, but with some exclusive features such as counting in Gray code.

Software and Utilities

UT-60E decoder: A portable program to decode the communication protocol used by Uni-T's UT60E digital multimeter, making it suitable to long automated unattended datalogging.


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