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The program in action measuring the discharge of a set of batteries with a resistor and LED load The program in action measuring the discharge of a set of batteries with a resistor and LED load

UT60E Decoder Program

A portable program to decode the communication protocol used by Uni-T's UT60E digital multimeter, making it suitable to long automated unattended datalogging.

The Uni-T UT60E (sold by Minipa as model ET-2210 here in Brazil) is a nice digital multimeter with an RS-232 serial output so we can hook it up to a computer -- very useful for automated datalogging.

However, I found the software that came with it rather crappy, bloated, and it's Windows-only. A night of analysing traces from the serial port revealed that its protocol is pretty simple: a 11-byte frame transmitted at 2400 8N1 where the upper four bits of each byte form a simple counter, so we always know where we are within the frame even if we didn't get it from the beginning. The lower four bits carry the data itself, with each bit representing an active indicator or digit segment in the unit's display.

Then I wrote a program that reads the data from the serial port and decodes it, printing it onscreen. I added a few options to make it suitable for long datalogging sessions, such as averaging, scaling and timestamping.


  • Portable: runs under Windows with Cygwin, Linux or any Unix-like OS
  • Console-only, ideal for running unattended in background
  • Plaintext output, easy to feed directly to a file or to import to a spreadsheet or database
  • Shows all unit and status indicators
  • Optionally performs averaging and/or scaling
  • May be configured to stop after a certain number of samples have been taken


This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.



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