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Scuba Diving at Fernando de Noronha on April 2009

It was so hard to select the best 15 pictures out of the several dozen way cool shots the photographers Suene and Rubia took. As eight pictures cost as much as two dives, we preferred to optimize the number of dives instead of the number of pictures.

It is also too bad that we have no pictures of the coolest dives -- Rubia told us that the memory card she used at Pedras Secas malfunctioned and she lost all the data. The waaaay cool night dive (again at Pedras Secas) didn't have a photographer in the staff because some biologists believe that at night the flashes disturb the animals way too much.

The Pictures

The perspective distortion caused by the wide-angle lens along with my stretched posture made me look a bit like Mr. Fantstastic of the Fantastic Four.
(3872 x 2592, 491k)

That shiny thing inside the surreal sponge formations turned out to be, in fact, the photographer, who caught me with a rather silly look.
(3872 x 2592, 775k)

Ana Paula and I quite at ease posing beside an anchor
(3872 x 2592, 968k)

Where's Wally? You can surely spot Ana Paula in this terrific shot, but can you spot Wally? Hint: Wally is an wide-eyed flounder, a kind of flatfish (Bothus Podas, I think)
(3872 x 2592, 1203k)

Exercising my recently developed bouyancy control skills trying to get close to the lobster while upside down and without colliding with it.
(2592 x 3872, 879k)

Yeah, I know, we're soooo cliché. Anyway, those exercises about taking out and recovering the second stage regulator did come in handy!
(3872 x 2592, 564k)

Ana Paula and all the other divers admiring the graceful green turtle, one of Tamar Project's protégés.
(2000 x 3008, 408k)

A strike of luck: of the dozens of turtles we saw on that dive, this one passed exactly between me and the photographer. Doing this on purpose is usually harder than it seems.
(3008 x 2000, 481k)

We saw lots of rays, some more than twice this one's size, but that was the only picture of me and a ray in the same frame. Go figure.
(3008 x 2000, 674k)

Nice shot of Ana Paula and the other divers going through an otherwise featureless patch on our way to a cave.
(3008 x 2000, 425k)

Ana Paula tamed her mild claustrophobia and controlled her buoyancy just right while going though that small cave.
(2000 x 3008, 519k)

Venturing inside the huge Sapata's Cave with my mask thoroughly fogged up. This angle doesn't show, but there were lots of large rays on the bottom.
(3008 x 2000, 295k)

And there comes Ana Paula looking so cool with her mask impeccably clean.
(3008 x 2000, 292k)

Ana Paula and Zé Renato, one of the nicest dive masters we had.
(2000 x 3008, 394k)

Sharks swim pretty fast, so it's even harder got get a decent alignment with the photographer. That's the best I managed.
(3008 x 2000, 375k)


Big thanks to Roderick, Zé Renato, Osni, Pablo, Suene, Rubia and everyone else at Atlantis Divers, our dive operator.

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