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Scuba Dive on 2009 Feb 19 and 25

Pictures that the underwater photographer Bruno from Aquaticos took from my 2nd to 5th dives and Ana Paula's first. Too bad the water wasn't as clear as in my first dive.

Perhaps with several dozen more dives we might start our own Deep Sea Detectives spin-off.

The Pictures

Overview of the Pirapama Wreck site, with a ray and a 'beijupirá' fish.
(1280 x 960, 325k)

A moray eel looking funny at us.
(1280 x 960, 308k)

Ana Paula starting to get her bearings
(720 x 960, 169k)

Among the fish. They relaxed only after I told them they were way too small to become sushi.
(1280 x 960, 292k)

Ana Paula, however, told the fish a different story, for they seem to have become kinda queasy.
(1280 x 960, 261k)

Nice framing of Ana Paula, me and Gibi, our dive instructor, among the remains of the Pirapama wreck.
(720 x 960, 144k)

Almost like the arched body position, but underwater instead of in freefall.
(720 x 960, 127k)

Posing at the remains of the waterwheel in the Vapor de Baixo wreck site.
(1280 x 960, 209k)

Bubbles. "He like bubbles."
(1280 x 960, 264k)

Admiring the wide colors of the coral life.
(1280 x 960, 272k)

A pretty turtle at the Servemar X wreck site.
(1280 x 960, 600k)

Too close. A little bit too close.
(1280 x 960, 461k)

The ray and its companion were the stars of the dive
(1280 x 960, 489k)

Now from a somewhat safer distance
(1280 x 960, 403k)

Overview of the lower portion of the Servemar X wreck site, showing how large the rays were
(1280 x 960, 479k)

Those tiny yellow things are actually tiny fishes
(1280 x 960, 431k)


Get some Dramamine or Postafen two hours before departure. I failed to do that in my first dive and, as a result, I had severe nausea and vomiting during the trip -- despite the fact that I had never had kinetosis before. I did manage to dive anyway, but it wasn't as fun as it could have been. Ever since I took the pills a couple hours before the ship departs, I never ever felt seasick again. As an extra precautiion, I lay down with my eyes closed in an well-ventilated area of the boat after having performing our equipment checks.

Additional Files


Thanks to the nice crew of the Galileo and everyone at Aquáticos, our dive operator.

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