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Pictures from The Cauldrons

The Cauldrons are at 5 minute walking distance from Lenšˇis. They are the bed of the upper part of Lenšˇis River, before it reaches the city. The floor is heavily eroded, forming small whirlpools that we can swim on; some are shallow enough to enter like in a bathtub. The dark color of the water makes it all look like we're in a Coca-Cola river. Despite that, the water has no smell and it's perfectly safe even for drinking (or so the locals say).

The Pictures

Overview of the cauldrons. Deep down you can see a woman washing clothes, way below where people bathe
(2048 x 1536, 800k)

Ana Paula seeking refuge from the inclement sun in the nice cold Coke-like water of a cauldron
(2048 x 1536, 647k)

The city of Lenšˇis, as seen from the Cauldrons
(2048 x 1536, 372k)

Is this camera's zoom good or what?
(2048 x 1536, 728k)

Deep cauldrons
(2048 x 1536, 718k)

Watching the flow of the water is almost hypnotic
(2048 x 1536, 487k)

The curious composition of the river bed
(2048 x 1536, 575k)

Just before the cauldrons form
(2048 x 1536, 771k)

The cauldrons are such a popular place
(2048 x 1536, 784k)

30-second exposition of the cauldrons during dusk while we were moving around preparing to get back.
(2048 x 1536, 288k)

GPS tracks

No need. There's a lane just beside Lenšˇis Hotel that leads to the Cauldrons. Ask anyone and they'll tell you. You can't get lost even if you try.

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