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Pictures from Lenšˇis, Bahia

Lenšˇis (the name means "blankets", in English) is considered the "capital" of the Diamantina Highlands.

The Pictures

A pretty field while still on the road
(2048 x 1536, 247k)

Testing Ana Paula's weight resistance while Pedro explores the gazebo
(2048 x 1536, 463k)

The market along the river at Lenšois, Bahia
(2048 x 1536, 350k)

The charming hotel by the river
(2048 x 1536, 656k)

Pedro strolling through one of Lenšˇis many downslopes in the lazy afternoon
(2048 x 1536, 396k)

Lenšˇis frantic night [30 second exposure]
(2048 x 1536, 466k)

A typical Pernambuco doll in a restaurant in the heart of Bahia?!
(2048 x 1536, 337k)

The Rare Moon Inn where we stayed, decent accomodations for an incredibly affordable rate
(640 x 480, 80k)

The main street, where buses stop.
(640 x 480, 66k)

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