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Pictures from the Enchanted Well

The Poço Encantado ("The Enchanted Well") is another cave/undergound river system 120km away (a two hour drive) from Lençóis.

The Pictures

The map to the cave system
(2048 x 1536, 407k)

A 30-sec long exposure reveals the exquisite colors almost like what we actually see, even the famous light ray.
(2048 x 1536, 435k)

Another 30-sec long shot with better framing but slightly saturated in some parts
(2048 x 1536, 488k)

Stalactites in the way back up.
(2048 x 1536, 335k)

The stairway down... this is the easy part.
(2048 x 1536, 578k)

The not-so-easy part (30 sec long exposure). There are cables to help people in the climb/descent.
(2048 x 1536, 286k)

The bar at near the entrance
(2048 x 1536, 540k)

The folks looking at the well. It shows as black because it is much too faint to be captured with the short exposure caused by the flash.
(2048 x 1536, 263k)

I managed to get a shot that enhances the light ray, at the expense of everything else
(1536 x 2048, 110k)

The main cave entrance, seen from the stairway. We enter through another way.
(2048 x 1536, 845k)

The way back up. We do slip some times.
(2048 x 1536, 128k)

Watch your head!
(2048 x 1536, 213k)

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