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Miscellaneous Pictures

Nice stuff that neither were enough for a single page nor fit anywhere else.

The Pictures

Fernando, a friend we made during the trip, demonstrating his freehand moutain climbling skills
(1536 x 2048, 582k)

My brother Leo enjoying a minipond after the waterfall
(2048 x 1536, 731k)

The folks brrrrring at the Cachoeirinha ('Little Waterfall')
(1536 x 2048, 656k)

The gang
(2048 x 1536, 781k)

Clear water for a change (most rivers had dark water)
(1536 x 2048, 769k)

Remains of a stone habitation from the time of the diamond rush
(2048 x 1536, 982k)

Convincing a reluctant Leo that it was safe to slide down
(2048 x 1536, 525k)

One of the scariest wildlife we encountered
(2048 x 1536, 563k)

The Camel's Mountain, one of the postcards of the Chapada
(2048 x 1536, 289k)

This obelisk in the roadside of BA-242 supposedly marks the 'center' of the state of Bahia
(1536 x 2048, 309k)

Ana Paula in the mountaintop and the shadow of a less than skillful photographer
(2048 x 1536, 384k)

A geek with his over-the-top gear ruining the beautiful landscape
(2592 x 1944, 461k)

Windy. At the time I was wondering why do people stick crosses on mountaintops anyway?
(1536 x 2048, 215k)

Cynical geek couples can be romantic once in a while.
(2048 x 1536, 138k)

A sunset to remember. The picture doesn't really does it justice.
(2048 x 1536, 117k)

Ana Paula and Leo get even more gear to protect them while in the caves.
(2048 x 1536, 531k)

The Peugeot 206 is a decent car but can't swim. It's got so scared that its license plate went pale. Gotta bring a Land Rover next time.
(2048 x 1536, 532k)

30-second exposition shows the beauty of the Blue Well. We're allowed to swim there (but that pic got too dark and out of focus, sorry).
(2048 x 1536, 445k)

Ana Paula resting in the bar looks dreamy and surreal in infrared.
(2048 x 1536, 287k)

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